1. Gray and rain against the screen.  

2. Blueberry muffins. Smash 1 cup and stir into the batter. Gently fold in 1 cup whole berries. This recipe is the one they like the most. It's silly but I really do feel loved when they beg for more muffins.  

3. I keep using this Oakville Grocery mug. It's so big but the weight of it in my hand. Yes.   

4. So much laundry. 

5. I capture a bit of the eclipse. I'm not entirely certain I didn't damage an eye. 

6. Breathe and meditate. I want stay in this feeling of overflow. 

7. So much laundry.  

8. Roast chicken and baked potatoes. Semper Pinot Noir. Butter on my hands. Trimming my own sage and rosemary and oregano for the seasoning. 

9. Fortune favors action.

10. The sound of train whistles after the sun goes down.