1. The way the mist is rising up from the wetlands out back. I am instantly taken to the foggy mornings in Yountville.  

2. I post a picture of The French Laundry's culinary gardens. They were so lush, saturated in color. What were those tall stalk way in the back? Oh yes, Sunchokes.   

3. I have decided to abstain from coffee and caffeine and see if my body with catch up with it's own natural rhythms. I drink water with a little apple cider vinegar and then my oat straw and nettle leaf infusions. I need to remember that I know how to heal myself.  

4. We meet in downtown Geneva. I am so I love with its old houses and brick storefronts. I am sad for a moment even though I'm with my best friend. But the weather is perfect, truly: sunny and breezy and no humidity. 

5. I decide that this weekend will be for restoring my self and for making spaces in my home. In the last house I had my corners and my rooms where I felt at ease. I'm struggling to recreate this. Maybe it's not the house. Maybe it's just Me. 

6. Head hurts.  

7. I clean the kitchen and then order pizza for dinner because the withdrawal headache is too much and I just need to rest.  

8. We eat our pizza and talk a little about the school day and the plans for the weekend and video games.  

9. The way the light is setting behind me. The house is glowing orange and gold.  

10. Someone I follow on Instagram uses the hashtag #thereistimeforthis. And there is. There is time for choosing less or more or different or better. There is time to change your mind. There is time for stillness and presence and for sitting in the orange glow.