1. Late rising. But I know I must get up soon because I promised donuts.  

2. Take out all of the pans and the sugar and the cinnamon and the oil. Warm the dutch oven. Run the rolling pin lightly over the puff pastry before punching it with the biscuit cutters. Remember how this is what makes you. 

3. Cappuccinos while I chat with my best friend. Inhear the quickness in my breath when I tell her about my trip to California. About how every time I return I feel my roots burrow deeper and deeper. How every time I'm there it tastes like home.  

4. Then I listen to the quickness in her breath as she recounts her encounter with the artist who made a million dollars. How this hit her with the truth that abundance and prosperity is possible in the honoring of one's gifts and passions.  

5. I am already almost out of pages in my journal.  

6. Rest.  

7. So much gratitude for the slowness of this day.

8. I am overwhelmed with ambition. Both ambition and fear that I don't have the strength to get it done. But she wrote to me, "Believe that you can do it all."

9. All the laundry. 

10. "Believe that you can do it all."