1. The light is changing. 

2. I'm moving with more grace, pulling the containers and the boxes and the slices of salami.  

3. He asks me to make my bed so that we can lay down together before school. Runs to his room to make his own bed and cleans up all the toys. So proud of himself that he calls us back upstairs to see how well he did. And then we throw ourselves onto the bed and watch cartoons together for these spare 15 minutes.  

4. Back home and down to the basement to edit photos. Looking at the photos of the two of them brings me back to those early morning. And I'm proud of her and her and myself for stepping into the light.  

5. Leftover pot pie for lunch.  

6. I keep crashing mid-day. I am certain that this means I need to adjust my diet again. Clear myself of the caffeine for awhile, drink my nettle and oat straw infusions, cut back on the dairy and the wheat.  

7. In the pick-up lane I scribble down words. Trying to finish out the line "...beyond the control of humans" before the tail lights fade out. 

8. Home isn't feeling like home. What is home? Why am I always asking this question? 

9. Why am I so uncomfortable? But the weather today is so beautiful. And I keep touching the leaves of the trees as I pass by. I like the sound of my heels on the sidewalk.  

10. Too many sugar cookies.