1. Sleeping in. I don't love how everyone comes to mu side of the bed to ask me questions.  

2. Cappuccino times 2. 

3. I am always counting the tomatoes. I missed one last time. There are actually nine.  

4. I make space for all of my fears. They take up the whole page. Then, one by one, I refute them. 

5. Still no deer. 

6. I am sorting through images from my trip to California. Back at Westerbeke Ranch. There's the labyrinth, the succulents, the cabins, the pond. All that light. 

7. Leftovers for dinner but I make a fresh caprese with my own tomatoes and my own basil and I then I think forward to the real garden we'll have next spring.  

8. Pinot Noir.  

9. The way the light falls across this floor in golden rectangles. And the way it's shifting. I'm learning the seasons of living. 

10. Vanilla gelato with a caramel swirl. I sprinkle smoked sea salt, a gift from Holly, across the top. I think of all the gifts I've been given from the people I know in spirit only.