1. Picked some basil. Birds hanging out by the stoop.

2. Bacon and english muffins and fruit. I'm eating the last blueberry hand pie with basil sugar that I made the day before. That and coffee.

3. Meal planning. Trying to find the joy in this again. Three new cookbooks from the library and the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine should give me enough inspiration. On Sundays we try new things. On Sundays there is time for work and rest and experimentation. I like to do new things slowly.

4. Lake dreams. I think of the time I spent a long weekend at Table Rock Lake with my friend and her family, waking up early with her mom to drink Folgers and watch the water while everything was still and quiet. Jason Mraz playing through my headphones all day as I sketched the women laying out by dock.

5. Find the joy in all of this again. 

6. What I wanted to say: "What a beautiful way to honor your brother."

7. It's hot but I sit outside anyway. I do my best learning here. I am always finding little quiet corners in and outside of the home. Little quiet corners save me. Everyone needs a little quiet corner. 

8. Bowl full of plums.

9. Grilled Okra.

10. Slow Sunday.