1. It is dark and he's kissing my forehead.  

2. I am waking late again.  

3. The yellow bars of light that slip through the slats of the blinds.  

4. Dew on the feet again.  

5. She meditates with me on the front porch while eating a scone from a ziploc bag. I tell her that she can't breathe very deeply while eating a scone. She tells me that she can. She tells me that she can do almost anything.   

6. I do miss the broken brick. So much.  

7. Picking the largest and greenest leaves of sage. The basil is yellowing. There's another tomato growing—that makes 8. The peppers are multiplying. Again I say, please let this be a metaphor for life. 

8. Chianti Classico. 

9. The light. The light.  

10. The world loves to be fooled.