1. I love a chilly morning.

2. Do dishes. Make granola. Brew coffee. Rinse the speckled bowl. 

3. This chapter. This book and how it is shifting me. Making me exercise old muscles.

4. The way the light is the reflecting off the lake. Tiny ripples. So many geese. She's picking up all the feathers. 

5. Friendships that manage to sustain themselves on a few short hours once or twice a year. For almost 10 years we've been doing this. All of us getting older and our conversations getting longer.

6. When he asks me to lay down with him, I always say yes. 

7. The oregano is starting to flower. I've let it go for too long. The blackberries are still inside, finding a way to grow and ripen in this little sunny sweet spot. Everything is thriving. Everything is taking up space. 

8. Gewurztraminer.

9. 15 days. 

10. Rooting down and in.