1. Just cool enough for a sweater again.

2. He says I should give the young deer a name.

3. The words running through my head these days surprise me. Pleasantly. I could get used to this. 

4. I have no intentions of leaving home today. Home. I told her yesterday that I needed to get rid of this mindset that this house of ours is temporary. Maybe then I can really root down into it. I want to root down.

5. I'm going to paint that wall black. 

6. Like when you are growing and your skin feels too tight. Like your lungs are going to burst through your ribs. 

7. The house is so quiet.

8. 4 straight days of meditation. My words for this week: Focus and Consistency. 

9. Crumbled sausage, red onion, kale, parmesan, and pasta. Divine. Surprisingly good. So good we licked our plates clean. 

10. They way the sun splits the trees when it sets.