1. Mornings that look like night. 

2. The back stoop is cement and herbs. This is now my new favorite piece of my home. 

3. Coffee and morning pages on the front stoop. The breeze is cool and refreshing; the humidity has dropped out for just a few hours and I am breathing again. The pages fill up with a litany of gratitudes. 

4. The rains are here and the clouds are dark and low and this is what I need now: The quieting of a storm.

5. Silence.

6. Melted butter and olive oil mixed with dried herbs and kosher salt, rubbed over the skin of the chicken.

7. Rosemary represents remembrance and right now I know that I may remember this moment for the rest of my life.

8. We have only 1 full day left together. 

9. The smell of yeast and the way flour drifts into and onto places you never intend for it to go. 

10. Garden State Soundtrack. How this movie and these songs marked the beginning and ending of so many things and helped me remember how to feel. How this movie and these songs still lead me to of all the tender places within my body.