1. So much green. This is the first time I've kept my plants so alive. I want this to be a metaphor for my own life.

2. The coffee machine is leaking again. 

3. There is no air-conditioning in the warehouse and so he turns on a fan for me - for us. This has become my favorite job: sweeping sawdust off the backdrop, squeezing myself between pieces of furniture to fit it all into a shot, in awe of all the broken beauty.

4. There is a small settee with one broken leg and it always looks like it's floating.

5. These helmets aren't clean but I put one on anyway. Legs wide. Knees bent. Elbows up. Bat straight. Keep your eyes on the ball.

6. I remember the summer before my senior year of high school when I took gym and we headed to the batting cages across from the school. This tall kid with blonde hair and blue eyes watched me swing and miss at the first three balls before he said, "listen. Keep your bat high. Bring out your front leg and kinda step into it when you swing."

7. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. I run down to the desk and ask for more tokens.  I'm a little breathless. "This is really therapeutic."

8. I know I'm going to really hurt tomorrow. But it will be the good kind of ache. And isn't that a lot like life anyway? 

9. Pink Gladiolas.

10. This is his last night here.