1. Late. 

2. The sky is thick and gray and the wind is beginning to pick up. 

3. As much as I love light, I crave days like this that are long and dark and time is slow.

3. The children are gone and the husband is gone and this is the silence I've been longing for all summer.

4. How silly it is that I have to practice breathing. 

5. What am I ready to release?

6. The sage and peppermint and oregano and basil are in new pots. I see six tomatoes. My cuticles are caked in soil. 

7. It's still so quiet.

8. The sun is behind the clouds and it is making God light. That kind of light where the clouds are outlined in gleaming silver and you can see the rays beaming down toward Earth.

9. The only sound is the wind whipping through these trees.

10. Everything is sacred.