1. I  missed the sunrise again today but still managed to catch a glimpse of orange on the blades of green grass. I didn't put this on my wishlist for a new home, but the sunrises we've had here - they are some of my favorites. 

2. The tomatoes are getting so big. I think I will make a caprese. Michael says I should try to make my own mozzarella. 

3. I am wishing for just one more hour without the children so that I can finish my morning pages and gather my thoughts. These quiet hours belong to me. They are mine. They are sacred. I just need need one more hour to be my self. 

4. He made the coffee.

5. Live EMPTY.

6. Two steaks. I will sear them and slice them and serve them with a roasted corn and tomato salad and some potatoes.

7. These are the kinds of neighbors you wish you had. The kind that lend you tools and give you their extra mulch. The kind where your daughters float between the two houses without shoes, eating each other's food, racing bicycles around the neighborhood. So when you feel like maybe you made a mistake, think of your neighbors and the way the ways in which they surprise and delight you. 

8. So many bricks.

9. I watched a spider eat an ant.

10. The sun is shifting. I should be studying a map of Northern Italy but instead I am drinking chardonnay from California and being talked into running a 5k in October. I missed capturing the sun before it fell behind the trees. The sky is now just dusty blues and pale yellows tucked away among the green.