1. The deer are back again and the fawn is sturdy on her feet. We lock eyes, the three of us (mama, baby, and me), and stand still until we finally resume our work. They continue to graze and I drag the hoses.

2. The gentle way in which the air blows at the hem of my dress. 

3. The clouds look like halos.

4. I am so very tired. 

5. The smell of frankincense and myrrh fills the room as I move the vacuum back and forth. Why is it that the act of cleaning feels so holy to me?

6. I pick the dandelion weeds without gloves and so sometimes, when I'm not careful, my fingertips ache from the prickles. 

7. It is the thoughtfulness of the gift that brings me to tears. 

8. I've always judged myself for the ways in which I am so thoughtless. And as I write this right now I realize that the best gift I can give is that of my words.

9. The air is still moving. 

10. Sometimes the light looks best through dirty glass.