1. What time is it? All I know is that it's dark and there is some star that is twinkling so brightly. 

2. I am moving slowly this morning. 

3. Still no deer.

4. The coolness of the breeze caught me off-guard. After so many days of thick humid air, this is a welcomed surprise. Sweater weather in July.

5. Still hanging on to that dream of all of us together so close on a cloud of blue velvet. How the rest of the world disappeared and fingers were laced and the laughter was quiet.

6. This is our last day.

7. Expired domain.

8. Ankle boots in cognac leather and how you know that these are going to change your life. Because shoes can do that, you know. 

9. Dad is still sitting here and I'm already missing him. How is it possible to miss someone before they're gone? What other man do I know will appreciate my love of ankle boots in cognac leather?

10. I'm still sitting with that dream of us tucked into that blue velvet cloud, our togetherness so dangerous and sweet.