1. Late.

2. The color of straw and orange and blue-grey in the sky. 

3. This is the kind of food that makes you feel good: potatoes and cheese and onion, hot and melty. White casserole dish. 

4. The slanted light in the basement. How the desk is in the shadows but my body is illuminated. 

5. I am off-pitch. 

6. Two geese, high above, wings beating in unison.

7. I am hungry for the things we do not have. 

8. Thin-skinned neon pink blooms are here once again. 

9. I am daydreaming about the ripples of the lake all those years ago and the time we stayed up late, sitting on the dock in the moonlight.

10. Late night arguments that center on an unspoken but understood love between kinfolk.