1. 4:07 am and there is nothing but moonlight.

2. 5:03 am and now the moon clings to the horizon. It is low and glowing orange and I want to stare at it instead of the road.

3. I always forget how vast and wide this world is until I take myself out past the edges of what I know.

4. This whole morning is a journey past an edge.

5. There are sounds that you hear only during these sacred early hours. There is so much life that goes unnoticed in the bright waking hours.

6. She is pure light. 

7. This is the good kind of exhaustion.

8. On the return home I see the powder blue four-square with its American flag. I try to recall the last time I drove through a two-stop-sign kind of town. I want to stop and take a picture with the barn and its grayed-out wood. I wish I could pull over and steal a handful of wheat, all golden and brown. 

9. I want to know this landscape intimately. So that when I step out into it, it is less of an intrusion and more of a communion. 

10. Gelato, please.