Ten.One Hundred & Sixty-Three

1. I am awake before the alarm goes off but keep my eyes closed until I just can't anymore. 

2. Warm the leftover crostada, stick the bacon in the oven. 

3. I'm going to get off the coffee for awhile. I think it's time to rest. 

4. Low-budget horror movie and a big glass of warm lemon water = a four-hour nap.

5. I start to fill the tub with hot water and then go back to the kitchen to toast the spices for pho and then I remember that the water is still running and then I run to see the water spilling over the sides and then my spices are burnt. And then there's no pho.

6. I tell him that I quit the day. 

7. I toss the ginger that was supposed to be for the pho into a pot with lemon and cinnamon sticks and water for a big pot of ginger tea.

8. I think about how the Alisha four years ago would have never had that many people in the home without the perfect dining room chairs, without the right art on the walls, without the right lighting in the ceiling. I'm getting better. 

9. Lavendar oil.

10. What am I committed to?