Ten.One Hundred & Sixty-One

1. Bacon and eggs and biscuits.

2. I just wish that I knew how to help him. 

3. I can feel my body tensing up as I head toward the grocery store. The car is still not warm yet. I remember that winter makes me angry. So today I need to shift that mindset. Count my blessings. Imagine I'm in California or New Orleans or anywhere that's warmer than here right now. Stare into the sun. 

4. I have to go to three different stores to find quality salmon.

5. I catch myself scanning the faces in the dining room because I secretly hope to see someone I know. Like, I feel like I need a hug from someone I know. 

6. I think back to the dream. How it left me feeling thrilled and satisfied but also filled with longing and sadness. 

7. The downside of wearing your slippers to pick up the kids from school is that if you forget that you need to go to the store, you have to drive all the way home to put on appropriate footwear.

8. Salmon and risotto and spinach. It's supposed to snow tonight. 

9. He's right. These cookies really are no good.

10. Craving: time to journal and vision in a quiet home, alone.