Ten.One Hundred & Sixty-Five

1. I forgot to get the salami and his shirt yesterday after practice. 

2. The bright silver light from the quarter moon hanging in the blue-black sky.

3. Strawberry muffins from a packet but they smell divine. They would have been a perfect match for coffee—if I was having any. 

4. Tuesday. My favorite day. Today I am missing the neighborhood, remembering how it looks when covered in snow. How the trees sparkle with ice on Sunday mornings.

5. "I'm still sad about all those trees," he says. Me too. Me too.

6. This podcast is making me think about shutting down all of my social media and communicating only through handwritten letters. Not because it's talking about technology in a negative way, but because I'm really interested in how to cultivate more we than me.

7. I want to do the webinar because, yes, maybe there is a book in there somewhere. 

8. Dentist. She hands me a paper with a list of orthodontists. 

9. I am tense when I return home. It's nothing any of them have done. Some combination of the long afternoon at the dentist's office, driving in the dark, day three of no caffeine, planning a new structure for my work. 

10. But is it possible for me to make a living in only this way? Can I really create a profitable and sustainable business gathering with women, telling stories, capturing beauty?