Ten.One Hundred & Sixty

1. Jordan Marsh’s blueberry muffin recipe really is the best. I’ve now eaten enough of them to know it without a doubt.  

2. I am interrupted 5 minutes into my 10-minute meditation.  

3. I throw the cold coffee out of my mug and into the sink. I am feeling unprepared to deal with a child who doesn’t like school. I want it to get better but it doesn’t. And I don’t know how to help. 

4. Burnt up log.  

5. Robin and I talk. It’s been far too long since we last spoke. But I love how we can just dive right back into co-creation.  

6. I had forgotten just how joy-filled Molly is. That one hour with her was so needed and I didn’t even realize it.  

7. When you saw a big dream out loud for the first time.  

8. Laundry.

9. “1957” by Milo Green. “As” by Stevie Wonder.  “The Water” by Feist.

10. Rosé. 


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