Ten.One Hundred & Seventy-Three

1. The crash of the recycling truck.

2. 6 AM and I hear feet. I think I know whose feet. I can see the light coming from the open door upstairs.

3. The thing about drinking the decaf is that I have to make it in the Bialetti—which I love, but it only makes 2 American-size cups of coffee.

4. Unpack, sort, take inventory.

5. It's really hard to find robes. I always wait to long to get the pajamas.

6. Every year I think about how I could do it differently. How can I do it more of my way. I always say to myself that this is the downside of partnership and children: rarely is a decision ever just your own. There is so much negotiation and compromise. It's not usually a bad thing, but it's still a thing.

7. Thinking about retreating. At home. With myself.

8. The orange glow of the setting sun pulses into my room. For 20 minutes the room feels like a shrine.

9. It's cold.

10. Amazing how a whole day can unravel in the last few hours. I stop at each one's room with words and hugs and the assurance that tomorrow is a new day.