Ten.One Hundred & Seventy-Six

1. Up with the alarm.

2. The way the blue lights from the neighbor's house casts shadows in the hallways. Alien light.

3. 2 cups of decaf is not enough. I feel like maybe I need my own pot.

4. She wants me to take her to target to get gifts for her brothers. her father, and me. At times I think she is nothing like me and then sometimes her heart feels so familiar.

5. No one is at Target at 8 AM. Must remember this in the future. 

6. Music on. Cleaning started. Clay Aiken Christmas. I think thy said there will be snow tomorrow. 

7. Craving: the mental space to read books, for the website to make itself, a slow Sunday, for the chocolate cake to turn out right, redwoods, coffee.

8. He didn't buy decaf. Maybe my New Year's resolution will be to get back on caffeine.

9. Sometimes you have to let the words fall out. And maybe there was a better way to say them. But maybe not. Because when you're telling someone a hard truth, how can you not expect a little sourness in return?

10. Fastest wrapping session ever.