Ten.One Hundred & Seventy-Two

1. I actually really do want him to stop coming into the bed.

2. I burn the bacon. The baby is mad at me. I'm mad at myself, too. I know the husband is going to tell me to start using the timers. 

3. It's good to see the doctor because he's an old friend from the old neighborhood. And he's funny. I tell my daughter that she's the worst patient, he whispers to me, "good luck becoming a grandma!"

4. Things piled as high as one can see. 

5. The sun today and how it's bright but not too bright. I am warm enough.

6. It's a Tuesday that feels like a Thursday. This short week is dragging along, which is probably a good thing. Like, I need to settle into this feeling of slowness.

7. Onion rings and a vanilla milkshake from Portillo's before I pick up the kids from school. I hide the evidence by rolling to windows down to air out the car and stuff the trash into the center console.

8. Roast chicken. Gratin potatoes. Asparagus with hollandaise. Mini apple tart and some vanilla ice cream for dessert. White Burgundy, Beaujolais, Cherry Pie.

9. The kids are up too late but they're quiet and so I let them be since we have a guest, but I know they'll be hurting tomorrow. 

10. 6 days. 56 days. 125 days.