Ten.One Hundred & Seventy-One

1. I can see that the pavement is wet from the mist and fog.

2. The flash from the headlights and the rumble of an engine—my neighbor in his truck heading off to work. 

3. This is a choir morning so I mustn't forget to wake her up early.

4. I buy flavored decaf. And it is everything I need it to be.

5. He asks me if it's still raining. I tell him it's not really rain. It's kind of like between misting and raining where it feels like it's kind of spitting in your face.

6. She tells me I look too young to have three kids. I hear this a lot now, especially that I have an almost 10 year old. How have I been a mother and a wife for 10 years already? The passing of time is a funny thing. 

7. I dislike shopping.

8. Voice.

9. Basketball practice is long and frustrating. The boys aren't listening. They aren't keeping their hands to themselves. They keep getting on the stage. I need a whistle.

10. So ready for a cup of decaf in the morning.