Ten.One Hundred & Seventy-Nine

1. I open my eyes to see the little one checking his watch and rolling out of my bed. I lay for a little longer but it's bright and I know I need to get downstairs soon. I can't remember the last time I slept in.

2. Three kids eating tin from a popcorn for breakfast while watching t.v. It's the little things, right?

3. I still cook up some bacon and clean the kitchen, hand wash all the Friendly Village china and silently thank my mother-in-law for the gift.

4. The sun is bright but the air is still so cold. -4 degrees. It feels inhumane.

5. There is no more decaf but I want some coffee and I make a pot of the regular stuff and promise myself to only drink half a mug. I think, despite my refills, I still manage to have less than a mug. I don't regret it.

6. We build the ski lodge together on the bed while watching Mind of a Chef. I could build Lego sets all day. "Nothing is impossible," she says.

7. Tonight is leftovers which means no cooking—thank goodness—which also means a little more time to lay in the bed and watch some Charlie Brown before everything needs to be reheated. 

8. The light from the setting sun makes the room glow orange and then in one breath it is dark again. 

9. 2013 Odette Cabernet Sauvignon, a gift from a friend.

10. I stay up way too late watching The Godfather II with him, mostly because I like to read subtitles.