Ten.One Hundred & Seventy

1. I always start to stir before the 5:15 alarm goes off but today I try to ignore the urge to wake and roll back onto my side and close my eyes. 

2. Must move the elf. This is the only reason I get out of bed.

3. Cinnamon rolls from a can and a side of bacon.

4. Laundry. Always.

5. The boys are gone for haircuts and the house is so quiet with just me and her in it.

6. I should have bought the decaf.

7. I see someone's post about wishing there was a pause button for Sundays. But Sunday is the pause button.

8. We aren't very good at keeping the Sabbath.

9. It seems as if my goals are sometimes opposed to my desire for a slow life.

10. I never seem to know where I'm going.