Ten.One Hundred & Fifty-Six

1. I make a whole pot forgetting that I'll be leaving soon to drink coffee somewhere else.

2. The sun is bright and high and in my face as I head east toward Naperville. Sunday traffic is light and easy. I'm still tired from last night's dinner even though I was in bed by 11. 

3. Boxed water plus a large coffee plus a big cinnamon and sugar donut. The donut is not as good as the one I just ate from the abbey.

4. We nail down the name of the project. I am grateful to her for reaching out to me about this. We're doing our little thing to be a part of the conversation. And it's an important conversation.

5. It looks like there is glitter on the Fox River.

6. Brunch with my circle. Mimosas and a burger. 

7. Two scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone. One scoop of sea salt caramel and one scoop of apple pie. I feel like a kid again.

8. I feel off. It might be the cold medicine plus a full and fast weekend.

9. Three deer walking across the scorched earth. Even with all that has been burned away, once they stop moving I can't see them. Is there safety in stillness? 

10. I have no energy to decorate the tree tonight. "Tomorrow," I say. Tomorrow.