Ten.One Hundred & Fifty-Nine

1. The winds are quiet this morning but I can still feel the chill. 

2. Cinnamon Toast for breakfast. Softened butter mixed with sugar and cinnamon slathered onto slices of bread and toasted in the oven. A treat we haven't had in a while.

3. What's the better question?

4. What am I committed to?

5. I love seeing her through my screen. I can't wait to hug her in real life. This is the beauty of co-creation and collaboration and the magic of the internet.

6. Lush and moody.

7. He gets in the car and asks if we can go back to New Orleans? Better yet, "When are we moving to California. I just want to be warm."

8. It's just land and sky. I forget how much earth remains untouched. I wish it would stay that way.

9. I eat a little too much but still make room for dessert. Because: little luxuries.

10. There is very little light on the back roads we take home. The night sky is clear and so black and deep. All I see is the moon and the stars. Amazing how much light the darkness holds.