Ten.One Hundred & Eighty-Three

1. Even in the dark I can feel the fullness of the day.

2. Coffee. Getting it started early. The hissing sound it makes because I didn't put the carafe in just right. 

3. The grocery store is quiet though I guess it is still early for a Saturday morning shopping trip. 

4. I finish washing some of the walls, sweep the floor, make the sauce, prepare the dough before heading out for the afternoon. 

5. It takes me a few minutes to figure out how to get inside the door, but I finally do and make my way up to the third floor. 

6. Being in this space makes me warm with dreams. I can see the city skyline from the window. The wood floors are old and beat up, so full of story. Backdrops and lights and stands and props and computers. Space. 

7. I am remembering how in our conversation she asked me what was my next really big dream. California is up there, for sure. But that one already feels like it's happening. So I say, "Space. A physical space that is my work space and my studio space but also a community space that I can share with other women who are working on their own dream."

8. Two photo shoots and two interviews for Black Food and Beverage. This is one of the most fulfilling side projects I've done in a long time. To be able to sit with these black men and women and hear about their hustle and their grind and their vision. Yes, more of this please.

9. All of them are so big. The twins. Of course, as a mother, I think about how many of their sweatpants I could fit into a washing machine. My guess is only 4. But this family. He's right, I do miss them. I had forgotten how much time we'd spent with them during that short time in Kansas City. 

10. Tomorrow is the last day.