Ten.One Hundred & Eighty

1. This morning, up early for fireside writing.

2. Feeling the cold deep in my bones. This is the kind of weather that makes you hurt. 

3. There's a wide rectangle of light in the hall and I stand in it to warm my belly.

4. I must remember not to get caught up in the inconsequential. I am good at finding things that keep me busy and yet unmoved.

5. Bunny tracks in the snow behind the house. 

6. I also sometimes really don't know what I am doing. And maybe that's okay. Maybe it's a good thing.

7. Jumper cables.

8. The restaurant, Entente, is unassuming, tucked in between two other shops. Inside are small tables set with napkins and glassware that shine from the light of the falling afternoon sun.

9. Christopher talks about his journey from opera singer to sommelier. The more excited he gets the more his hands move. More than photographing, I love the act of listening to people tell their stories. I love to see how animated they become when they get to sit in their own thoughts. How do you not leave the conversation inspired?

10. Time to bring out the flashcards again.