Ten.One Hunded & Seventy-Seven

1. Christmas Eve. 

2. They said it was going to snow but I didn’t believe them. And here it is and I am surprised by my joy. 

3. Monkey bread for breakfast.  

4. Moodboarding with a hot mug of decaf. Thinking of four words.  

5. The batter for the chocolate cake is too thin. I add a little bit of flour and cross my fingers.  

6. Mind of a Chef. I’m late to this series as I am with most telivision shows because I don’t watch as much t.v. the days. But here I am trying to memorize the Japanese words and imagine the flavors.  

7. René’s mise en place.  

8. The light of the moon. I wish I knew the names of the phases like I know the names of my children. 

9. Too much wrapping still to do.

10. Prosecco and stuffing stockings.