Ten.One Hundred & Twenty-Six

1. No school today. But a conference. And there’s a little slice of sun. 

2. I offer strawberry muffins but they choose frozen waffles instead. I make the coffee and settle in front of the fireplace to write my morning pages. 

3. The woman in the front office asks me if I’m there for a conference and I say yes and she tells me to go right on in. It’s just that I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know where any of the classrooms are.  

4. The two teachers ask me if I’ve logged into the system yet. I tell them I haven’t; everything is still so new.  

5. I wish they helped new parents as much as they helped new students. Why is there no one assigned to us to help show us the ropes?  

6. Quick edits before making the drive to Evanston.  

7. Mindfulness/Mindlessness.

8. She hands me a loaf of sourdough bread wrapped in white paper. 

9. My friends.  

10. So full I can’t even say any more about this day.