Ten.One Hundred & Twenty-Seven

1. Alarm goes off at 6. I turn onto my back and listen to the whirring sound of the air purifier.  

2. The floor in the kitchen feels cold. I turn on the kettle, bring down the coffee beans, light a candle and turn on the fireplace.  

3. I am not looking forward to the fullness of today. To the way every Saturday will be until the new year. Three different places to be before noon. 

4. I keep thinking of the conversation in the podcast episode about mindfulness and her belief that it doesn’t require meditation. That mindfulness is a choice you can make in any given moment. That it is the act of noticing new things.  

5. The game isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We still lose. And I am okay with that. This season is going to teach me how to communicate better with children. It’s going to teach me patience.  It’s going to teach me how to have fun again. 

6. I feel like my lesson to be learned in this life is how to use my voice.  

7. I feel it rising within me again. While she’s in gymnastics I sit in the car and write it all out. I don’t want to stew in it any more.  

8. What am I wanting to do with this life? 

9. Prosecco.

10. Time changes tomorrow. I will change tomorrow. Everything is always changing.