Ten.One Hundred & Thirty-Two

1. 4:48 AM. I keep waking up way before the 6 o'clock alarm. 

2. The quiet is productive though. And I'm not so tired that I feel like I need an afternoon nap. So maybe this is my new time. 5 AM. I don't know. That sounds so early. 

3. Strawberry muffins from a mix, bacon, orange juice, fruit. They eat and then make their lunches. I can tell that the novelty of this responsibility is wearing off. I enjoy being able to sit back and read and answer questions from the living room with my coffee in my hand. 

4. It's cold in the basement. If I'm going to keep my office down here, I'm going to have to prepare myself. Socks and slippers and sweaters.

5. When you have dreams and goals so big that you are overwhelmed and don't know where to begin so you just keep writing them down over and over again and hoping that the answer will show itself to you. 

6. Everything feels tight.

7. Pot roast and mashed potatoes with some crusty bread. 

8. I feel as though I cannot say anything. I remember feeling this way before. I remember feeling this way most of my life.

9. I'll figure it out. 

10. I can't seem to keep my eyes open.