Ten.One Hundred & Thirty-Three

1. Today I sleep in until 6. Maybe my body wants to do the opposite of what I say I will do. 

2. Frozen strawberry waffles for them, banana and an apple for me before I take in the first cup of coffee.

3. The light in the corner of my dining room where I take the pictures is orange. Something about the color of this morning's sunrise and the way the sun is coming up and over is changing. 

4. This morning's post is about being fed, literally and figuratively. Because while I often feel loved, I don't always feel cared for. And some of that is on me. I am so bad at articulating my needs.

5. Emails.

6. Today is a day for crossing all the tings off the list. Except for cleaning. I'm choosing not to clean today. Maybe tomorrow.

7. Buttered popcorn cookies and blueberry hand pies. Yes. 

8. He's sick. And really sick. I can see it in his face. And he's not talking—that's how I know he's really sick. 

9. Brazilian cheesy bread and salad and chicken alfredo and garlic bread and wine and pie and ice cream and coffee. And conversation. And laughing. And sitting with friends. Missing community. Knowing that this will be the season of intentionality. 

10. Everyone is tired. I stayed an hour later that I meant to but it was worth it.