Ten.One Hundred & Thirty-Seven

1. Up before the alarm. Before 5:30.

2. The warm glow of lights against the window. The way they’re draped over the red blocks and the pomegranates.  

3. Blueberry muffins from a package while the coffee brews.  

4. It’s the little things sometimes. I miss the Trader Joe’s and the way Gartner winds and the way the branches reach out overhead and the piles of leaves in the gutters.  

5. Lunch with her downtown. Gumbo and a jalapeño cheddar muffin and iced tea and coffee.  

6. What am I feeling called to?

7. Every time pull into the driveway I say a quiet “thank you.” Because this might just be what I needed.  

8. Herbs de Provence.  

9. Basketball practice. I realize that I actually look forward to these practices and games. That I like being called “coach.” That this is way better than trying to coach 4 year-old soccer.  

10. I’m still so nervous.