Ten.One Hundred & Thirty-One

1. The way the light is creeping over the rooftops. Indigo sky turning to faded denim, a thin slice of emerald, pale lemon, mandarin skin.

2. The sound of the heat blowing.

3. I step outside to toss the recycling into the can before the truck makes it to the house. There is a light layer of frost on everything. I can see my breath. The moon is still clear, bright, white light.

4. Fireplace on. Warmed water with lemon. In the quiet and the semi-dark I write my pages. I've been waking up at 5 every morning. A little bit of a curse, but mostly a blessing.

5. On these mornings when breakfast is self-served there's an added spaciousness to my day. So glad I made this shift after returning from the desert.

6. I edit the photos from our session. I took way more than I thought I would and will deliver way more than I originally intended. There's a softness and a kindness in her eyes. I always wonder if people see themselves the way I see them.

7. She's asked the most thoughtful questions, quoted me (I'm quotable?!), made me remember and think.

8. Five months away from Fever Dreams. 25 weeks or 175 days to be exact.

9. This is hard. Parenting is hard. The last few hours of the day are always the hardest. And I can't give him what he wants in this situation. I'm just trying not to burn dinner. 

10. Stranger Things.