Ten.One Hundred & Thirty-Nine

1. I can by how dark it is that it will be a gray day today. I've got to get one of those lights.

2. The smell of bacon. How much my mother disliked the house smelling of meats like this. She'd rather fill it with the smell of cakes and breads. Cinnamon-Raisin was her specialty. 

3. Today is supposed to be cleaning day. I get all of the rooms straightened but just read before the interview. 

4. I'll figure out a better set up. When we looked at this house I wondered where my space would be. I wish I would have made it more of a priority, a need and not just a want. The basement is okay except for its spotty reception and lack of natural light. I need an expert in space planning. 

5. I have to set up the iPad in a very precarious position and sit on my bed for this one. Luckily it will be short and the risk of the iPad falling over should be fairly low. 

6. I update my portfolio page on my website and then write them a little note. They're hiring and I don't necessarily fit any one of the positions they are hiring for, but since I can do a little bit of everything, I just tell them that. 

7. Laundry. 

8. Leftover are for dinner. While they warm up I clean the bathrooms. I just saw someone's insta-story where they said that they *get* to clean, they don't *have* to clean. To have the privilege to do something feels much more expansive.

9. Spreadsheet for a week of meals for 20 people. It's not so daunting when you see it on paper.

10. Roz.