Ten.One Hundred & Thirty-Five

1. I wake up with the alarm. Biscuits and hash browns and sausage for breakfast. She asks my breakfast is so fancy today. I don't know. It's Sunday.

2. I didn't realize how much I missed having a fireplace. There's no smell of wood or that crackling sound, but there is heat and movement and that glow.

3. He's much better today. I can tell because he keeps talking.

4. There is really nothing to do but dream today.

5. What am I truly hungry for? What is the vision I'm trying to grow into?

6. That foggy feeling you get when your nap is too long and now it's dark and you need to make dinner which is roasted chicken and potatoes and brussel sprouts. Domaine Gilles Noblet Macon-Fuissé.

7. We leave for New Orleans in 7 days. I can't wait to feel its warmth. To see the square. To wander down Pirate's Alley. To eat beignets and pralines and grilled oysters. To laze around with family. To stick spanish moss into my pockets. 

8. Charlie Brown Christmas album.

9. I pull my glasses on for a few episodes of Stranger Things and eat a handful of whoppers. I think of what is coming up for me this week which suddenly feels like a lot, too much, right before the five of us leave. 

10. Deep breaths in and out.