Ten.One Hundred & Thirty-Eight

1. The sound of cars on Wolfs Crossing.

2. In this little corner of the sofa by the window, I can hear the beginnings of rain. 

3. In my morning pages I confess that I'm nervous, but that I believe that I can do this. That I'm intimidated to be shooting in her studio, but that this is good for me to a little nervous. I think, maybe, that my nervousness is no longer about achieving perfection. My nervousness is now my motivator. It's the clue that I'm doing something that's going to challenge me in new ways. 

4. The drive to her studio is long but feels short. The most excruciating part of it is waiting 15 minutes for a medium black coffee from McDonald's. I should have just driven a little farther and gotten a proper coffee from Atomix.

5. This is my first time seeing her studio in the daylight. Big windows and soft light and a hammock and a sofa and this gorgeous long table and all the white dishes.

6. Dreams and goals.

7. She arrives. We do our thing. She makes me less nervous and this is good. 

8. I am trying to read the next chapter of this book while I sit in the car and wait for the kids to come out but I keep falling asleep. 

9. Creamy spinach, tomato, bacon, and chicken with rigatoni.

10. Four sleeps until New Orleans.