Ten.One Hundred & Forty-Two

1. 5 AM alarm. 

2. Everyone is on adrenaline and dressed with backpacks packed full of toys and homework and coloring books. 

3. The sun is coming up but the clouds want to stay close. But there is a thick split in sky where the orange glow is peaking through.  

4. She left her water bottle in her backpack.  

5. Babies on a plane.  

6. I squeeze out three pages while in the middle seat. My throat is still scratchy. 

7.  “I just love New Orleans,” she says from the back of the taxi as we make our way to 610.

8. Grey high-top Converse with tiny silver threads running through them. I might have to jack them from my mom. 

9. Thick palm tree branches, browned, lying on the side of the road. 

10. We try to put in dreads.