Ten.One Hundred & Forty-Seven

1. This morning is for making sure he makes the biscuits and gravy in time. 

2. Auntie is ironing all of the kids’ clothes.

3. My brother and I grab our cameras and hunt for light and decide that it has to be in the front of the house, outside, not inside like we originally planned. And all of us need to be squished in between the two pillars.  

4. It only takes us 30 minutes to get in all of the shots. Mom makes a comment about how even though she hates taking pictures, she’s beginning to understand the importance of them. 

5. I am feeling everyone's emotions.  

6. I think of what it might feel like to be a man whose years of life have now outnumbered both his father’s and his younger brother’s. 

7. The way the water is reflecting the colors of the trees and the people and the sky.

8. All of the live oaks.  

9. Squeezing all of the leftovers into smaller containers. 

10. He finally pooped.