Ten.One Hundred & Forty-Four

1. My alarm goes off and I touch snooze. Then I touch snooze again before I remember that I’m supposed to go get the smoked turkey from Honey Baked Ham.  

2. Pink scrubs. Shiny pearly white Cadillac. Her kids don’t like turkey so she does ham. She seems a little sad about this fact.  

3. From three lanes to two lanes down to one. The return trip was almost twice as long as the departure. 

4. Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food. - Hippocrates 

5. They got the #10 can of tomato paste intead of tomato sauce. Let’s see if I can make it work.

6. Veedercrest. 

7. Chateau St. Jean Bijou rosé. 

8. Hugs by the kitchen sink. When you know but don’t know and can only offer your embrace.  

9. Charades.  

10. Sleepy time tea + NyQuil.