Ten.One Hundred & Forty-Eight

1. The way the the wind is blowing through the palm trees.  

2. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.  

3. Two cousins, the husband, and I head toward the quarter so they can grab a few souvenirs from the market before they leave for their flight. 

4. There’s a parade and the intersection of Frenchman Street and Elysian Fields so we take a detour down Esplanade. The colors and the shutters and the iron work on the balconies.  

5. Satsuma trees still full of fruit.  

6. Secret gardens.  

7. Now only seven of us remain. It’s so quiet.  

8. Steaks with red wine mushroom sauce. BV George Latour and Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.  

9. When you want to fall onto your knees and light candles and run fingers along rosary beads.

10. It’s so quiet.