Ten.One Hundred & Forty

1. I feel good about today. 

2. Everyone is still sleeping so I fill the coffee grinder and walk back into the laundry room and grind them there. The one thing about a new construction home is the thinness of the walks. The plaster and lath in the old house provided so much more sound insulation. 

3. I have him drive me to my meeting so that we can have lunch afterwards. It's the last time we'll get to be together for a while. 

4. This kind of side project feels good. I get to use my creativity and tell stories and be a part of a larger conversation. I'm glad she thought of me. 

5. Steak Frites. Our waiter is young and doesn't know what a decanter is. It's kind of cute. 

6. I go through the boxes down in the basement and find an assortment of plate, the coffee mugs, the teacups but not saucers. The Friendly Village China is one of the few things I willingly took from my mother-in-law. 

7. Women are coming to sit in my home and learn about herbs. This is the facilitation part of my vocation. I want to keep making spaces for women to learn and grow and share their knowledge. So grateful.

8. I have to forget about the fact that the mantel is unbalanced and that almost all the walls are still so bare. No one cares. 

9. Rosehip spread.

10. I stack the dirty china on the counter, heat up the leftover ginger tea, and go upstairs to go to bed.