Ten.One Hundred & Fifty-Three

1. Clouds that look like mountains.

2. Maybe one day I can talk the farmer into letting me on his property to take pictures. The land is so flat and the sun makes the short grass glow gold when the sun rises and sets.

3. She doesn't like granola.

4. Down to the basement. I should really put on slippers. This space works but it doesn't. Going through her edits makes me smile. I think, maybe I'll offer this again. I am still not sure how it all fits and makes sense. 

5. A baked potato makes for an oddly satisfying lunch before I head back downstairs to edit.

6. How is this already the last day of November? I'm sure I say this to myself on the last day of every month of every year.

7. They did a control burn in the wetlands out back and so now all I see is the few remaining trees and scorched earth. I want to walk on the blackened ground and feel what it feels like to set fire to what is in order to make space for what will be.

8. A hawk. Awareness. Vision. Timing. 

9. We both sit in front of the fireplace—I read and drink a pot of tea while he does his homework.

10. This used to be my favorite easy drinking wine but now they've put too much zinfandel in it.