Ten.One Hundred & Fifty

1. I wake up to the sound of him blowing his nose. A little bit of light is creeping in around the edges of the window.  

2. Willa Jean for breakfast. I have coffee and kombucha and shrimp and grits. He gets the huevos rancheros. Amy, our waitress, has a tattoo of South Carolina on her wrist.  

3. The light in this space.  

4. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get to do all the things I’d planned to do. I had my own expectations and reality didn’t align. I feel behind.  

5. We head to Lucullus on Chatres. I decide that I’ll come back when I no longer have children in the home. This is not a place for people who like to really live in their homes. 

6. I love beauty but I love function. I don’t desire to have things in my home that I am afraid to touch.  

7. I forgot that City Putt is closed on Mondays. So is Cast Nets. We take the little one to go get some beignets to cover the wound of my forgetting.  

8. Roasted chicken and roasted carrots with sautéed spinach.  

9. I’m glad that I like my parents.  

10. I’m not really ready to go home.