Ten.One Hundred & Two

1. Dark skies this morning.  

2. I feel like all of the patience I collected while at Squam has slipped through my fingers. 

3. Tuesdays are the best days.  

4. I am overwhelmed by the love. So overwhelmed. I almost can’t hold it.  

5. We talk while I drive. I wish I was there with her. We’d drink wine on the weekend and she’d say really enligthening things to me that I sometimes wouldn’t understand. And I’d love it. 

6. Pinot Noir Salt. What?! She made me cry into the box. 

7. I also cry in the car writing about crying into the box. 

8. The fires continue. My heart is still in tiny pieces. 

9. The rain is coming down and I make focaccia in the dark.  The smell of the yeast is strong. The dough is soft and elastic. 

10. I’m not really sure how to say thank you.