Ten.One Hundred & Three

1. The darkness. 

2. The way the light reflects in the puddles on the pavement. I love the way wetness settles you in.  

3. But the fires are still burning.  

4. I am still crying over everything. And this is not a bad thing. Just a thing that feels unfamiliar. It is a good thing, I think.  

5. She tells me that she had a dream and that the dream was about power.  

6. The red on all the tree tops. Now I am thinking of Thanksgiving and then Christmas and the way snow the snow will look out back.

7. The next three weeks will be full: Tucson, basketball coaching (?!), 7 portrait sessions across the city and suburbs.

8. She and her husband and her children will be here in three sleeps.  

9. No one warned me about the evils of homework.  

10. I think, sometimes I do my best work in the dark.